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Symposium Programme

14th November 2017


Venue: Venue: Level 3, Pejabat Timbalan Naib Canselor (Penyelidikan dan Inovasi), UPM Serdang, Selangor

Opening Ceremony

Venue: Auditorium Putra 

10.00-10.30  Coffee Break

Keynote Session 1

Dr Rezal Khairi Ahmad CEO NanoMalaysia Berhad

Title: Commercialization of Nanotechnology - Lessons Learnt & Way Forward under 4IR

Chairperson: Prof. Dr Abdul Rahman Mohamed

Venue: Mini Auditorium


 Parallel Session 1

Chairperson: Prof. Dato’ Dr Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis 

Mini Auditorium 1

 Parallel Session 2

Chairperson: Prof. Dr Sugeng Triwahyono 

Mini Auditorium 2



Evaluation of cobalt supported on alumina-cobalt aluminate grown in situ by redox exsolution for dry reforming of methane

Yee Jie Wong, Mei Kee Koh, Abdul Rahman Mohamed 


Conversion of cellulose to short chain polyols over metal loaded on KCC-1 catalysts

F. Ariffin, S.M. Izan, A.A Jalil, C.R. Mamat, N. Basar, J. Jaafar, H. Hamdan, S. Triwahyono



The Progress of Catalyst Preparation Method in the Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane

Mehrnoush Khavarian, Nur Syahidah Afandi, Mohd Farid Fahmi Sukri, Abdul Rahman Mohamed


Pilot-Scale Catalytic FastPyrolysis Process of Producing Bio-Oil from Empty Fruit Bunch Biomass

Haryanti Yahaya, Rozzeta Dolah, Mohd Nazlan Mohd Muhid, Khair Azim Rashidi, Sulaiman Bakhtiar Rashidi  and Halimaton Hamdan 



Self-Reduced NiO/Dol Catalyst for H2 Production via Dry Reforming of CH4 with CO2

S. M. Razali, A. Arfaezah, Y. Ambar, Y.H. Taufiq-Yap


Multi-Dimensional Model of Flame Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube

Mohd Fairus Mohd Yasina Muhammad Thalhah Zainala 



Facile preparation of graphene thin film from exfoliated graphene dispersion via dip coating method

Muhammad Ashraf Saiful Badri, Muhamad Mat Salleh, Noor Far’ain Md Noor, Mohd Mustaqim Rosli, Norhayati Abu Bakar and Akrajas Ali Umar


DNA Extraction for Label-free Detection of Pathogenic Fungus Ganoderma boninense

A. Ayoib, U. Hashim, V. Thivina, N. K.S Nordin



The study of fluid dynamics for the atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) of graphene

F. B. Fauzi, E. Ismail, M. S. Sirat, A. H. Ramlan, M. A. Mohamed, M. A. Azam, M. H. An


Detection of Ganoderma Boninense (G.boninense) with Silicon Nanowires (SiNWs) based Gold Nanoparticles (AuNPs)

N.K.S Nordin, U. Hashim, A. Ayoib, V. Thivina

12:45-14:15 Lunch Break
14:15- 17:45

Parallel Session 3

Chairperson: Prof. Dr Robiah Yunus 

Mini Auditorium 1 

 Parallel Session 4

Chairperson: Dr Jafariah Jaafar

Mini Auditorium 2



Critical Physicochemical Attributes of Chitosan Nanoparticles as Pulmonary Drug Dlivery

Tin Wui Wong 


The study of flame deposition for the synthesis of graphene thin films

E. Ismail, M. S. Sirat, A. H. Ramlan, F. B. Fauzi, M. A. Mohamed, M. A. Azam, M. H. Ani



Conjugation of hydrophobic oleic acid with chitosan for use as a lung-specific nanoparticle drug carrier

M Tamilarasi, Chin Fei Chee,  Noorsaadah Abd. Rahman, Tin Wui Wong


Effects of hydrogen-annealing on the quality of CVD grown graphene

A.H Ramlan, M. S. Sirat, E, Ismail, F. B. Fauzi, M. A. Mohamed,  M. H. Ani



Time Resolved Photoluminescence of Chalcopyrite Materials CuGaSe2/CuInSe2 Single Quantum Well

S. Thiru, Y. Horikoshi and A. Tackeuchi


Photocatalytic CO2 and CH4 Conversion to Fuels over Agloaded g-C3N4 Nanocatalyst

Beenish Tahir, Muhammad Tahir, NorAishah Saidina Amin



Application of GC-MS Based Metabolomics for Metabolite Variations in Healthy and Ganoderma boninense Infected Oil Palm Leaf

Azizul Isha, Nor Azah Yusof, Rosiah Osman, Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah, Wong Mui Yun



Cobalt/Dolomite catalysts for H2 production by dry reforming of methane with CO2

A. Arfaezah, S. M. Razali, Y. H. Taufiq-Yap



Synthesis and Characterisation of Fungicides intercalated Zinc – aluminum laed double hydroxides

Isshadiba Faikah Mustafa and Mohd Zobir Hussein


Mesoporogen-free synthesis of hierarchically porous, nano-sized ZSM-5 aggregates at low-temperature

Grandprix T. M. Kadja, Adroit T. N. Fajar, Maryani K. Wardhani, Veinardi Suendo, Rino R. Mukti 





Sensing Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures: A Review

A. K. Shafura, Rozina Abdul Rani, N.D. Md Sin, M. H. Mamat, Uzer M, Salman A. H. Alrokayan, Haseeb A. Khan and M. Rusop



Effect of oxygen ratio on YSZ thin film deposited using RF magnetron sputtering  


NurHamizah Ahmad Rusli, Rosnita Muhammad, Sib Krishna Goshal, Hadi Nur and Yasmin Chang.




Neuroprotection and Reactive Oxygen Species Effect of Functionalized CNT on SH-SY5Y Cells

I. Nurulhuda, M.Z. Mazatulikhma, Salman A.H. Alrokayan, Haseeb A. Khan, M. Rusop 


The Effect of Calcination Temperature on the Structure and Photocatalytic Activity of Carbon-Doped Titanium Dioxide Prepared via Sol-Gel Route

Nor Arbani Sean, Hadi Nur 



Surface defect engineered Bi2WO6 for photocatalytic CO2 reduction over full solar spectrum

Xin Ying Kong, Siang-Piao Chai, Abdul Rahman Mohamed 


Development of Automated Controller for Irrigation

Najihah Mustapa, Aimrun Wayayok and Shaiful. N. Abu Samah



Low temperature synthesis and characterization of compact, mesoporous TiO2 film

Mohamed Salleh Mohamed Saheed, Norani Muti Mohamed, Balbir Singh Mahinder Singh Veeradasan Perumal, Mohamed Shuaib Mohamed Saheed 


Fabrication of NEMS Graphene Diaphragm Capacitive Nanophone

Haslinawati Mohd Mustapha, Mohd Ambri Mohamed, Azrul Azlan Hamzah, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis



Hierarchically porous MOR zeolite designed via sequential acid-base treatment and its catalytic performance on ethanol dehydration

Adroit T.N. Fajar, Grandprix T.M. Kadja, Maryani K. Wardani, I Nyoman Marsih, Subagjo, Veinardi Suendo, Rino R. Mukt


Modelling of field-effect transistor using graphene as active layer

Nurulhani Diana Rashid, Ahmad Rifqi Md Zain, Dilla Duryha Berhanuddin



Top 10 smoking cessation mobile apps: Apps feature review

N.H. Abu Kasim, S. Azhar


Encapsulated Tamoxifen in PLLA from Supercritical Anti Solvent (SAS) Process: In-vitro drug release and kinetic modelling

Dalila Alias, Robiah Yunus, Che Azurahanim Che Abdullah, Gun Hean Chong 



Narrow Microchannels Fabrication using Silicon DRIE with Different Etching Mask

Tuan Norjihan Tuan Yaakub, Jumril Yunas (MIEEE), Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis 


Rapid Detection of Ganoderma boninense: Expression Monitoring for Hybridization Time

V. Thivina, U. Hashim, ‘A. Ayoib, N. K. S. Nordin



Electrical Characterization of Carbon based Nanocomposite Flexible Generator Prepared by Suspension and Colloidal Mixtures

Elyani Abu Bakar, Mohd Ambri Mohamed, Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis 



Zn-Rich Catalyst for lowtemperature methanol production via direct CO2 hydrogenation

Mei Kee Koh, Yee Jie Wong, Abdul Rahman Mohamed



Electrical Characteristic of Organic Conductive paste printed on Different Substrate

Muhammad Asnawi, Mohd Nizar Hamidon, Saman Azhari, Intan Helina, Amaniah Chachuli 


Formation Mechanism Conspectus of Porous Silica with Continuous Lamellar Morphological Feature

E. Febriyanti, G. T. M. Kadja, V. Suendo, R. R. Mukti 

17:45-18:00   Tea Break

15 November 2017


 Parallel Session 5

Chairperson: Prof. Dr Mohd Zobir Hussein 

Mini Auditorium 1

 Parallel Session 6

Chairperson: Dr Hayyiratul Fatimah

Mini Auditorium 2



Study of Penetrtion Forces by drilling on oil palm trees

Muhammad Afiq Misri, Muhammad Razif Mahadi and Desa Ahmad 


Highly Crystalline, Stable Mesoporous SSZ-13 Obtained via Controlled Post-Synthetic Treatments

Maryani K. Wardani, Grandprix T.M. Kadja, Adroit T.N. Fajar, Subagjo, Veinardi Suendo, Rino R. Mukti  



Basal stem rot disease detection at oil palm tree using soil electrical resistance – preliminary study

Mohd Hamim Abdul Aziz, Siti Khairunniza-Bejo, Fazirulhisyam Hashim,  Desa Ahmad


Magnetically recoverable chitosan supported biosynthesized gold nanocatalyst for reduction of 4-nitrophenol

Norfazreen Binti Saffee, Mustaffa Shamsuddin, Khairil Juhanni Abd Karim



Detection of quinoline in G boninense infected plants using functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes: A field study

Fowotade Sulayman Akanbi, Nor Azah Yusof, Jaafar Abdullah, Yusran Sulaiman and Roozbeh Hushiarian


Use of nanoparticles  for improvement of seeds germination and growth rate

Zamri Ishak, Nur Azura Mohd Said, Rashid Mat Rani, Muhammad Shahrin Ghazali, Azima Azmi, Suria Mohd Saad, Rafidah Abdul Rahman


Keynote Session 2
Dr Rino Mukti
RCNN ITB, Indonesia

Title: Recent Advances in the Field of Nanoporous Materials for Emerging Applications

Chairperson: Prof. Dr Nor Azah Yusof

Venue: Mini Auditorium 1 

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00- 13:00

Parallel Session 7

Chairperson: Dr Norshahika Basir 

Mini Auditorium 1

 Parallel Session 8

Chairperson: Dr Rozina Abdul Rani 

Mini Auditorium 2



Characterizations of Solvent Extracted Aloe Vera Gel for Electrolyte Application

Nur Aminaton Sufia Yuharmon, Norani Muti Mohamed, Chong Fai Kait, Cheong Kuan Yew


Tailoring Graphene quality through study of the gases flow

M. S. Sirat, F. B. Fauzi, E. Ismail, A. H. Ramlan, M. H. Ani, M. A. Mohamed, M. A. Azam 



Insertion of Molybdenum Disulfide as active layer for Perovskite Solar Cells: Further Performance Enhancement Perspective from Device Simulation

P.N.A Fahsyar, N. A. Ludin, M.A.Teridi, K.Sopian, S.Sepeai, M.S.Suait, M.A. Ibrahim, N.M. Muhamed


Structural and Electrical Characteristic Graphene based MEMS Supercapacitor with Solid Gel Electrolyte

Hafzaliza Erny Zainal Abidin, Azrul Azlan Hamzah, Mohd Ambri Mohamed,  and Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis



Preparation of FungicideChitosan Nanoparticles for Antifungal Activity against Ganoderma boninense

Farhatun N. Maluin, Idris Abu Seman, Nur Hailini Z. Hilmi, Sharida Fakurazi, Mohd Zobir Hussein 


Synthesis and Characterizations of Carbon DopedTiO2 for Photoreduction of CO2

Nur Umisyuhada Mohd Nor, Nor Aishah Saidina Amin



Detection of secondary metabolites in oil palm trees using ZnO-Nos/rGO/SPCE Modified Screen printed electrode

N. Rahmat, N.A.Yusof, M. Y. Wong


Development of Nanocolloidal Carrier Loaded with Curcumin Aimed for Pulmonary Delivery in Targeting Lung Cancer

Azren Aida Asmawi, Norazlinaliza Salim, Ngan Cheng Loong, Haslina Ahmad, Emilia Abdulmalek, Mas Jaffri Masarudin and Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahma



Synthesis, Characterisation and Toxicity of nanomaterials for gene therapy applications

Khalida Rahayu, CA Che Azurahanim, AR Mohd Basyaruddin, MJ Masarudin 


Pilot Study: Second Hand Smke exposure among employee working in smoking banned area

Muhammad Ikmal Bin Ahmad Rashiden



Preliminary Study on Development of Nano-porous Pipe for Irrigation and Drainage

Najihah Mustapa, Aimrun Wayayok  and Norkhairunnisa Mazla


Cytotoxicity of docetaxel loaded Poly-e-caprolactone nanoparticles evaluated by MTT-cell culture assay

Faisalina Ahmad Fisol, Muhammad Afiq Aizudin Bin Rosdi, Ilyana Hakimi Ahmad Sabri, Habibah Abd.Wahab



Introduction of Mesopores in CHA zeolite via Controlled PostSynthetic Treatments

Maryani K. Wardani, Grandprix T.M. Kadja, Adroit T.N. Fajar, Subagjo, Veinardi Suendo, Rino R. Mukti


Effect of various Ultrasonic waves Amplitude on Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles in κcarrageenan and their Antibacterial Activity

Randa Fawzi Elsupikhe , Mansor B. Ahmad, Norhazlin Zainuddin  




Characterization of Carbon/Polydimethysiloxane Nano-Composite for Flexible Electronics

Nur Haziqah Abd Aziz, N. A. M. Yunus, R. M. Sidek, M.N.Hamidon and H. Jaafar



Recent Performances of Flexible Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

M. S. Zulfakar, N.A. Ludin, K. Sopian, M.S. Suait, N.M. Muhamed, A. Zahari 

13:00-14:00  Lunch Break

Plenary Session

Prof. Joseph Brain
School of Health Science


Title: Biokinetics, Biologic Effects, and Bioprocessing of Nanomaterials: Why Are the Lungs So Vulnerable?

Chairperson: Prof. Datuk Dr Halimaton Hamdan Venue: Auditorium Putra



Closing Ceremony

Chairperson: Prof. Dr Mansor Hj Ahmad

Venue: Auditorium Putra 


MNA Meeting

Venue: Mini Auditorium 1 


Symposium Registration

14th November 2017

8:00-9:00 am

Venue: Pejabat Timbalan Naib Canselor (Penyelidikan & Inovasi), UPM Serdang, Selangor



Tentative PROGRAMME Schedule

Abstracts Submission:-

Extended Abstracts submission 

  • Dateline: 7 October 2017




Symposium Registration

14th November 2017

8:00-9:00 am

Venue: Pejabat Timbalan Naib Canselor (Penyelidikan & Inovasi), UPM Serdang, Selangor



Tentative PROGRAMME Schedule

Abstracts Submission:-

Extended Abstracts submission 

  • Dateline: 7 October 2017